Contact the library and archive:

Our full enquiry service operates daily by email: You can also call us on Wednesdays 09:00–17: 00 at +45 33 48 03 01.

Delivery and pickup of books and journals:

Books, journals, and other library items are delivered for pickup in the shop at the Workers Museum once a week. When you sign in and order items in our OPAC, we check them out for you and send you an email with information about the time of delivery.

Items can also be ordered for pickup at your local library in Denmark. If you prefer that option, you’ll need to use to place the order.

Archival records:

Archival records are available for research in the reading room at the Workers Museum. You can apply for the records in our archive system. When the records are ready for you in the reading room, you’ll receive a message.

You are very welcome to contact us, if you plan to visit the reading room for the first time or need help to find archival documents.